SANTAS is dedicated to provide a unique and ultimate sleep experience. Rich in heritage, SANTAS tells a complete story, one that reflects a sense of luxury and unparalleled quality. Driven by the passion to achieve excellence in creative home living, we progressively innovate in product development. We are committed to create the most compelling user experience by offering an unrivaled range of products. SANTAS has carved a leading edge by achieving the highest quality of customer satisfaction and brand pride.

Brand Profile

SANTAS is the most comprehensive product range of quality bed linen, superior expansive range of white fillings with a collection of super absorbent bath towels with intricate detail, such as jacquard, embroidery and design borders in a full colour palette. The products are produced with endorsement of patented technology and collaborations with MicroModal, Supima Cotton, MicroCotton, Invista, Dupont, Microban and Cotton USA that assures the highest quality standards.

Integrated Support

Jaspal & Sons Co., Ltd. – Dynamic product innovation and Market Leadership

SANTAS Home is managed by Jaspal & Sons Co., Ltd. which is a comprehensive multifaceted company in its 72nd year since inception. The company is today the market leader in the bed&bath and white fillings product industry. It enjoys a high repute for quality and service excellence.

Jaspal & Sons Co., Ltd. employs 1,200 staff, working at the company’s 42,000-square-metre facility. This milestone establishes the company’s credibility in business and reinforces the trust of its customers and partners through reliability and efficiency.

ISO Certification

In its quest to guarantee customers that the quality of its products is at parity with international standards, Jaspal & Sons implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

The company was proud to be awarded this certification as the first company in Thailand from the BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International) for its high standards in mattress and bed linen manufacturing.

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  • MicroModal

    MicroModal, developed by Lenzing is the fine cellulose fibre produced in Austria from sustainable grown Beechwood tress. Infused with long-staple cotton featuring exceptional shine and softness. MicroModal is pure and natural because of its botanic origin and eco-friendly production process.
  • supima

    Supima is recognized as the world’s finest cotton with its special and rare extra-long staple (ELS). The fibre is grown only in family farms in California and the American Southwest. With guaranteed, fibre strength, fineness, softness, and lasting colour absorbency, Supima is the leading choice for reputed designers and brands.
  • Micro cotton

    The natural characteristics of this very special type of 100% cotton yarn we call MicroCotton® stem from the extremely high quality of a very fine micronaire (the measure of fibre fineness of cotton) cotton fibre we use. MicroCotton® is made from exceptionally long staple cotton fibres virtually identical to “Sea Island Cotton.” This rare quality of cotton is amongst the very best that is grown in the world. The fibre is naturally silky soft and is used to make the finest natural cotton yarns that can be made.
  • dacron

    INVISTA is one of the world's largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon,spandex and polyester applications. INVISTA's global businesses deliver exceptional value for their customers through technology innovations, market insights and a powerful portfolio of global trademarks.
    Info about Dacron in Product/Fiberfill
    As one of the longest polyester fiber brands in the world, DACRON® brand markets high-end fiberfill ranging from soft and down-like to firm and bulky pillows, comforters,mattress pads, furniture and insulation, etc.
    Today DACRON® brand is known for quality, innovation,technology and durability.
  • sorona

    Dupont sorona has been developed with a belief that science should learn from nature—that a product is timeless when it’s renewable, and that a single fiber can make a world of difference. Ever since the early 1900s, DuPont has been revolutionizing the world of fiber and polymers. And as a product that’s on the forefront of the shift from oil-based materials to bio-based ones, Sorona® fits perfectly into a legacy of meaningful, performance-based innovation — one that we have to continue to sustain our world.
  • Microban

    Microban International, Ltd. is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial product protection, engineering durable antimicrobial solutions for consumer, industrial and medical products around the world.
    Built-in to products during the manufacturing process, Microban protection inhibits the growth of microbes. Microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and mildew can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. With Microban antimicrobial protection, microbial reproduction is inhibited throughout the product’s useful lifetime. Microban antimicrobial protection ensures continuous, durable and effective antimicrobial protection that provides an added level of defense against damaging microbes without ever wearing off or washing away.
    Microban textile technology offers:
    • Longer lasting freshness
    • Enhanced textile ‘breathability’ means you stay
    comfortable the whole night through
    • Confidence in low temperature washing - no odour build-up
  • cotton usa

    Cotton USA, the Cotton the World Trusts, with a long history of innovative harvesting and ginning technology that results in higher-quality cotton. At COTTON USA, family farmers are committed to working their fields sustainably and leaving them better for the world. Quality in. Quality Out. A belief at Cotton USA to ensure that strong, consistent and uniform fibres will be delivered. Intensive research and superior technology has produced a cotton product that’s now whiter, finer, stronger and cleaner.